Super Immunity Foods to Boost Wellness, Strength & Speed Recovery

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October 19, 2017
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Super Immunity Foods to Boost Wellness, Strength & Speed Recovery

Super Immunity Foods is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in learning about the different types of foods to boost the immune system, increase energy levels and speed recovery from illness. Included in this helpful, practical guide are plenty of delicious recipes, information on health conditions and a meal plan.

Super Immunity Foods – About the Author

Author of Super Immunity Foods Frances Goulart is a certified clinical nutritionist and thus well-qualified to share key tips and advice on a range of immunity-boosting foods. Goulart is also the author of 16 other books on health, nutrition, fitness and spiritual well-being. Married to author Ron Goulart and living in Connecticut, Goulart is both a certified hathaga yoga instructor and is trained in Pilates.

Another popular book worth looking out for by Frances Goulart is Super Healing Foods, which offers the reader insightful information on a whole range of foods used to help speed the healing process and maintain good physical and mental health, as well as emotional well-being. Super Immunity Foods and Super Healing Foods are available from bookshops and libraries, located under “nutrition.”

Super Immunity Foods – Overview

Super Immunity Foods is divided into four main chapters, as follows:

  • Chapter One – The body’s six immune centres
  • Chapter Two – Immunity boosters
  • Chapter Three – Immunity busters
  • Chapter Four – Super immunity program

The body’s six immune centres, as identified in chapter one, provide essential information on how the immune system works. This chapter looks at the cardiovascular centre, nervous centre, glandular centre, digestive/detoxification centre, musculoskeletal centre and respiratory centre. In each review of specific immune centres, there is practical information on health conditions associated with the part of the body, as well as which foods may be eaten to help boost immunity.

Immunity Boosters – What to Eat to Strengthen the Immune System

The second chapter of Super Immunity Foods is particularly useful, especially for those who suffer from a poor immune system and regularly pick up bugs and infections going around. Learning about immunity boosting foods will also be very helpful for those working in environments where there tends to be a lot of illness, such as daycare, nursing home, medical centres and hospital environments.

Among the top twenty-five super immunity foods, as recognised by Goulart, are the following:

  • apples
  • berries
  • dark leafy green vegetables
  • flax seed
  • oats
  • herbs and spices
  • mushrooms
  • legumes
  • broccoli
  • carrots

As highlighted above, Super Immunity Foods is a very practical useful resource, which offers the reader essential information on how to boost the immune system through better nutrition and eating super immunity foods. This book is likely to be particularly useful for those who regularly suffer from infections and viruses, such as outbreaks of skin problems, mouth

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